DEEP 42 Airdrop - ⭐ ⭐ (silver rank)

The play-to-earn space is already crowded, with a wealth of games all following the same model. This is about to be completely disrupted by DEEP 42, a revolutionary, decentralised entertainment hub that advances current notions of blockchain gaming and the world of NFTs. Crucially, it also puts the players in control of its future.

About Airdrop: Claim your share of 3,500,000 D42 governance tokens, and influence a revolutionary new chapter in blockchain and NFT entertainment.

Dates: Live, deadline To Be Announced

Prize pool: 3,500,000 of D42 tokens

Individual Prizes: Max 575 D42 tokens

Tasks: Join the Discord, Follow DEEP 42 on Twitter, Create a positive post about DEEP 42 on any network, Verify ETH address on Discord - “verify-eth-address” channel, Verify Twitter following on Discord - "verify-twitter-follow" channel, Verify positive post on Discord - "verify-social-media-post" channel

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Link to airdrop: (airdrop page) (airdrop article)